Do You Know What to Expect from Pole Dancing Classes?

When you’re looking to get in shape the first thing that may come to mind is that it’s time to start hitting the gym. Maybe you’ve considered hiring a personal trainer to help you lose weight and get fit. But have you ever thought about something more fun? More sensual, and more than just a workout?

With pole fitness, you can get the tough workout you need to lose weight, while also having a great time. We know that working out is beneficial, but it’s easy to fall off the wagon. It lacks the fun factor that helps to keep us motivated, and if we can’t stay motivated, then we can’t stay committed to our fit goals. That’s why signing up for pole fitness classes will be more beneficial to you than if you signed up for a regular gym. Our pole dance fitness is so fun, you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll also have a great time. Here’s what else you can expect to gain from our pole fit classes at Goddess Fitness Dance.


One of the great aspects of our pole fitness classes is that you’ll start to gain the same flexibility you could get from yoga. Our pole dance classes will give you the opportunity to gain the flexibility you need to complete some of the dance moves we will teach you.

Core Strength

Have you ever attempted to hold yourself up on a pole while looking sexy? If you have tried it, then you know just how difficult it can be. It actually takes quite a bit of strength, and for those who haven’t tried pole dancing, you’ll quickly learn what type of strength you’ll need to gain. Our pole fitness classes will help you increase the strength of your core, helping you burn that stubborn belly fat you’re looking to get rid of.

Toned Back and Arms

One of the biggest aspects to pole fitness is the use of arm strength. Makes sense right? Our pole dancing classes require you to use your arms in almost every exercise and dance that we do. Additionally, the exercises will also work your back muscles, giving you that toned look that’s perfect for halters, tanks and strapless tops.


Are you generally a graceful person or are you somewhat clumsy? Regardless of how graceful you are, when you take a pole fitness class, you will learn sensual movements that will help you with your balance and grace, making you feel a lot sexier.


Not only do our classes help you get in shape, they help you gain confidence. As you start to come to our dance classes, we’ll teach you about loving your inner goddess and bringing her out. As you learn how to do this, you start to gain confidence, and as you start to get in shape, that confidence continues to grow.

What Else Do Pole Dancing Classes Have to Offer?

When you sign up for your first pole dancing class, we know that it can be intimidating, and we do everything we can to make all levels of dancers feel welcome. Here’s what else you can expect when you walk through our doors.

Smiling Faces

We’re not your typical fit club. As you enter our doors, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff and teachers. Not only are we happy to see you, but we’re eager to teach you the ways of pole fit.


If pole dancing classes aren’t exactly up your alley, but you’re interested in the other art forms of fitness that we have to offer, we have multiple classes for you to choose from. In fact, we have 26 different classes that we have available for signup, and at times, we have even more. Take a look at the list of classes we have to offer below.  

  • Beginner Circus
  • Beautiful Belly Dance B.B.D
  • Booty Cardio Pole B.C.P.
  • Broadway Polesque
  • Burlesque Lap Dance
  • Cardio Ballroom Pole
  • Circus Class!
  • Circus Sexy w/ Hula Hoop Warm-up
  • Dirty Diva Lap Dance D.D.L.
  • Flexy, Sexy, Stretchy F.S.S.
  • Goddess INTRO
  • Goddess 101
  • Goddess 102
  • Goddess 103
  • Goddess Ultimate Pole G.U.P.
  • Luscious Lapdance
  • Poleography
  • Pole Trick Tech P.T.T.
  • Pole-Vanced Tricks in Stilettos
  • Pole-Vanced
  • Princess Polesque
  • Rockin’ Polesque Burlesque R.P.B.
  • Sexy Stilettos
  • Sexy Hip Hop
  • Slow Flow Stiletto S.F.P
  • Twerk Work Party T.W.P.
  • Zumba

To learn more about all of these classes, check out our breakdown here!


Here at Goddess Fitness Dance, we’re all about releasing inner beauty. Not only do we practice this in our dance lessons, but we promote it through the environment we’ve created. Our dance studio is beautiful, welcoming, and perfect for getting in touch with your inner goddess.

Fun, Flirty Attitudes

Nothing is better than getting to be fun and flirty while you workout. We know that in order to release your inner goddess, you have to walk the walk. Our dance studio is committed to this and walks the sassy walk every day.

We Have Dance Lessons for Everyone

Whether you’re new to pole dancing, belly dancing, or dance classes at all, or you’re skilled in the art of dance fitness, we have something for you. If you’re at all interested in taking classes, we offer everything from beginners classes to sexy stiletto classes. Get started with getting in shape with our dance studio today. Give us a call to get signed up for classes!