Are You a Goddess?

Here at Goddess Fitness Dance, we’re all about the art of dance and sensuality, but most importantly, we want to promote being a goddess and to encourage all women to get in touch with their inner goddess. Not only is this a huge focus for our pole fit classes, but it’s a huge focus for why we started our dance studio. We thought we would share what it is we think of when the word “goddess” comes to mind. Here’s what it means to be a goddess.

It’s Means You’re Fierce

Being the goddess that you are, you know just how important it is to handle everything that comes your way with a fierce confidence rivaled by no challenge. In fact, your inner goddess is exactly what feeds your ability to overcome all obstacles, no matter their size. You’re tough with a will to succeed, and you’re a force to be reckoned with,

It Means You’re Beautiful

Inside and out. Beauty isn’t about your looks, it’s about the inner fire you have and the way you exude your beautiful energies. Sharing this beauty with the world is a great way to inspire others to find their inner goddess as well.

It Means You’re Unapologetic

This isn’t to say that you are rude or selfish. In fact, being a goddess is quite the opposite. To be unapologetic means you’re truly yourself and you’re not holding back for anyone. Be you, be proud, and be sassy about it!

It Means You’re Brave

No one starts off being a fierce, sassy goddess. No, they find it from within and grow from it. However, this often means stepping outside of your comfort zone, which takes a lot of bravery. If you’re already a goddess, it must be because you took a leap of faith into the danger zone and discovered something great and beautiful.

If you’re looking for your inner goddess, sign up for some belly dancing classes at our dance studio in Ventura. We have tons of dance classes available. Whether you’re looking to lose weight with our pole fit class or you want to learn something new, Goddess Fitness Dance has something for you. All levels of dancers are accepted, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!