If you are like most women you probably feel like twerking is a dance fad that only the young kids are doing to emulate their favorite female pop artist.  Not true! It has become a very popular form of dance that has been intertwined with aerobics to give a fun and energetic way to stay in shape, all while getting your body into curvaceous shape and feeling refreshed and alive.  Our twerk class at Goddess Fitness Dance in Sherman Oaks combines fitness and fun in a comfortable environment that feels like an exciting party.

Women of all ages can enjoy the fun atmosphere that we give you to be able to express yourself with a dance style that will tone your body as well as give you strength in parts of your body that just can’t be worked on with traditional cardiovascular aerobics.  This is because it’s all about your body movement and when you are dancing while showing off your inner creativeness, you will push yourself to the limit by dancing to the beat of your favorite tunes.  Your own personal dance party combined with an exhilarating cardio routine of dance moves that are tailored to give you the results you are looking for.

Visit our studio today and see why you need to celebrate your self-expression for a better and more revitalized you.  We invite everyone to come join in and watch us celebrate life to its fullest.