It’s hard to deny the physical benefits of dance when the evidence is so glaring. Look at any dancer’s body and its easy to see that there exists many physical advantages to getting your dance on. But anybody who has ever danced until they’re out of breath and exhausted, whether it was in their kitchen by themselves or in a club with a whole slew of friends, will tell you the emotional benefits of dancing like no one’s watching. Dancing makes us happy. There is just something primitive and visceral when it comes to the physicality of dance that destroys stress and negativity in ways that few other forms of exercise ever could. Where many exercises seem like chores that we need to get through, moving your body in rhythmic ways is more than enjoyable to most body parts including our hearts and our brains.

Regardless of age or gender, dance has been shown to deliver many benefits to all who partake. A recent study of seniors, age 65-91 showed that after just 12 weeks of Zumba classes, participants reported improved moods and heightened cognitive skills. And of course they found themselves to be more physically stronger and agile which boosted confidence.

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