Goddess Fitness Dance

Goddess Melissa – teaching Belly dance and Zumba in both locations
Goddess Cynthia – teaching twerk
Goddess Cielito – teaching Pole Sexy Stiletto
Goddess Katerina – teaching BCP Booty Cardio Pole
Goddess Sylvia – Rocking Classes Mornings, Saturdays Kids Circus
Goddess Amanda – Advanced Pole-licious Circus and deep Stretch
Goddess Shannon – teaching Yoga and Intros
Goddess Isis – teaching Twerk and Intros

And Goddess Emma – teaching Polerina BCP Booty Cardio Pole and Intros in both locations!


Emma Ridley

Many performers are already triple threats - experts in acting, singing and dancing - but Emma Ridley decided to add one more line to her repertoire: fitness. At her alternative health studio, Goddess Fitness Dance, Emma and her instructors brek the mundane exercise regimens and carnivorous treadmills of traditional gyms, instead focusing on fun, flirty exercises such as sultry pole-dancing routines and belly-dancing classes - all infused with Emma's passion for entertainment.

Though all workouts still subscribe to the concept of repetitions in order to burn fat, Goddess Fitness Dance infuses each workout with an added element of fun. Studio classes teach specific moves that, with practice, can lend grace and allure to students' dance routines, and the driving force behind every drill is always laughter, not grunts. "You don't need to be a pro to see the results.," Emma remarks. "As long as you're moving, you're doing it right! The most fun you'll ever have in fitness!"


Brittney Regan

Brittney is a model, singer, and dancer. She comes from a wide dance background. But had a passion for hip hop, pole, twerk, lap dance, burlesque, etc. She's constantly expanding her knowledge of dance and is currently fine tuning her skills in the aerial arts. Her dance journey started in South Bay (Redondo Beach) and now she found her way to Goddess where she finally felt right at home. “I love teaching dance because to me it’s a moment to have fun. Forget about your day and shine. I want my students to lose themselves dancing, feel sexy, and confident in their own unique style. My students are everything to me, and I’ll do all I can for them.” She may be a bit crazy and hyper but she’s passionate and talented and we wouldn’t want her any other way.

Meggan Marie

Meggan Marie (Meggan Ryan) is an LA native and graduate of UCLA’s dance program. She has a true passion for dance and studied the art intensively since she was 5. She has been performing with local dance companies since 2004 in every style from bollywood to ballet. Several years ago, she got bit by the pole dance bug. She especially embraces the sexy and artistic side of pole dance. She has performed in Seven, Girl Next Door and Pin-Up Pole Show, as well as her own production of the Twerkcracker, a twerk themed version of the Nutcracker. Meggan is a long time vegan, and she loves her dog, ironically named Chicken (also a vegan)!

Sylvia Griffin

I found Goddess Fitness Dance almost 3 years ago and fell in LOVE! Finally a place where I was encouraged to embrace and nurture the forgotten parts of myself that have been buried under all my Mommy..., Wifey..., & Show Biz Career responsibilities. Goddess Fitness Dance reminds me that it's PERFECTLY ok to "take care of me -- to make myself a priority in my own life... to do something for myself every day AND to feel GOOD about it!" When I dance at Goddess, I connect with my true SELF, I SWEAT like crazy and it's sooo much FUN!! By teaching at Goddess Fitness Dance, I get to give back some of the JOY, SEXINESS and CONFIDENCE dancing gives me! Sylvia currently teaches the morning Sexy Mama Intro classes during the week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30am.

Nancy Juarezi

A teacher of many talents we have Nancy teaching our Cardio Salsa class and also our B.C.P Intros. She's been dancing for 30 years and teaching numerous different locations and gyms for 10 years. She is certified in Zumba, boot camp, kickboxing, an AFFA personal fitness trainer, and so much more.She's very well around in many different styles of dance and fitness including salsa, ballet, belly dance, and yoga.

Kelsey Richardson

And lastly we have our Hip Hop Cardio teacher Kelsey. With many years of experience she's worked at Master Class Dance company, Awty International school, Annunciation Orthodox school, and Xtreme Level Dance & Fitness Studio as a choreographer and dance teacher. She was as a Rocket Power Dancer for the Houston Rockets in 2012 and was awarded rookie of the year award.

Amanda Richie

We have our amazing and gorgeous new teacher Amanda Ritchie. She will be teaching our 6:30am early morning Goddess Pole, Polerina, Stretch, Circus, Pole Trick Tech, Pole-licious, and HARDCORE Rock'n Pole classes. Amanda is NASM certified, has worked with Cirque du Soliel's "Michael Jackson One" as a featured dancer and more, also performed as Bon Jovi Back up in "Bad Medicine", and also works with Night at the Black Cat Cabaret! She took over in Zumanity from world pole dance champ Felix Cain and Jenyen Butterfly. Then toured again with Circus du Soliel's "Michael Jackson One" Tribute tour.

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