One of the most-repeated comments we hear after our pole dancing classes in Sherman Oaks is how sexy our students feel. Though not all get through class unscathed or without realizations about just what shape their bodies are in, the overwhelming amount do feel that they’ve gotten in touch with their sexy, feminine side, if only just for the hour. Which is why we do what we do. We truly believe that every woman should be able to feel that she is every bit of a sexy, alluring goddess and build our dance fitness classes to reflect that belief. The feeling can be addictive, so in the spirit of bringing out the inner goddess in all of us, we’ve compiled a list of tips for feeling like a sexy temptress every day of the week. Here are 7 quick tips (one for everyday of the week) that will have you seeing that woman in the mirror in a whole new light:

Sunday’s Sexy: Make the effort. Don’t be afraid to invest in your looks with a pampering facial or a new haircut. When we look good, we feel good and that confidence can be very alluring. Start your Sunday off with a spa treatment that makes you feel special.

Monday’s Sexy: Think all day about what it is you would like to do special just for him. Leave enticing text messages and find out just how sexy he really thinks you are.

Tuesday’s Sexy: Go lingerie shopping. Being around all that feminine lace can do lots for a girl. Just make sure to buy the proper size so that you’re not left to feel uncomfortable rather than alluring.

Wednesday’s Sexy: Go dancing. Slow dancing in the dark. Whether you go out or choose to dance in your living room, allowing your body to move can feel very sexy indeed.

Thursday’s Sexy: Step out of your comfort zone. Go ahead and smudge that eyeliner for that smokey look you’ve been desiring; while you’re at it, muss up those tresses and adopt more of that bad girl look.

Friday’s Sexy: Flirt. Even committed girls need a good ego-trip once-in-awhile. Harmless flirting just solidifies the confidence that you’ve been working to build. Your man will also appreciate the extra attention as you play coy and find reasons to touch him seductively.

Saturday’s Sexy: Take it to the kitchen. Saturday date-night can be great fun when you cook a provocative meal together. Food can be very sensuous and you’ll feel more like a goddess when you show off your culinary skills just for him.