Can it be possible to get into amazing shape without feeling like you are working out? Are there fitness programs that can give you the ability to express yourself and give you the self-confidence of felling sexy while pushing your body to the limit? If you have asked yourself these questions before, then look no further for the answer. You have found it right here with pole fitness at our Sherman Oaks fitness studio. Whether you are felling strong and flexible, young and sexy, or just want to revitalize your current relationship by adding some spice to it, then pole fitness is for you.

Pole fitness has been recognized as a major form of exercise since it lost its stigma from entertainment clubs that used pole dancing for exotic purposes. You still don’t lose the sensual side of pole dancing but you can now work parts of your body that you just don’t get to with the same old workout regimens. Without having to be restricted to free weights or constrictive aerobics routines that focus solely on cardio, you get the best of both worlds as we focus on working every part of your body by utilizing your own body weight. At Goddess Fitness Dance we give you a fun and exciting way to not only get that body back you have desired, but also allow you to express yourself through dance and fitness.

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