Goddess Fitness Dance is about offering fitness and fun in an environment that makes you want to move your body and experience a lifestyle that is not just about fitness, but about bringing out your own self-discovery and healing toward a renewed you.  Our owner and creator, Emma Ridley, believes everyone needs movement and what better way to express yourself freely then with an exhilarating pole dancing class in her Sherman Oaks dance studio.  There are many levels of expertise that take part in our classes every day. From beginner to advanced, you are sure to learn something that is as challenging as it is rewarding.

Our core focus is to experience a lifestyle that can transform your feminine physique as well as reshape your inner beauty by allowing your creative side to come pouring out.  Self-expression is highly encouraged as this is the only way to truly push your body to the limit and get the most put of pole dancing fitness.  Strength and stamina are just of the few components that you will notice an immediate impact on which will start to make you feel like you can take on any day that’s thrown at you!

Transform the way that you feel today and sign up for one of our many dance fitness classes that include yoga, ballet, belly dancing, pole dancing, aerial circus and much more.  Our class programs are available as low as $20 a class to unlimited classes on a monthly basis for your convenience.  Call Emma at 818-237-1459 and schedule your pole dancing class today and express yourself freely!