Have you noticed that common courtesy, much like common sense, is becoming less and less all that common? Lately it seems that people have become oblivious to the effects their behavior has on others and the dance studio is, unfortunately, no exception. Quite often, the students and instructors of our pole dancing classes are faced with those rare participants that don’t quite understand dance studio etiquette and risk offending their fellow classmates. Avoid being that girl by understanding just what the studio and your pole fitness class instructor expects from you and you’ll enjoy your class all the more. Make sure to keep the following in mind for a better class experience for all.

  • Get there early. Though sometimes out of our control, it is best to arrive early to class. Late comers are disruptive to the learning process and are an unappreciated distraction for your instructor.
  • Keep it clean. Let’s be frank here. In a pole fitness class, where intense workouts are the focus, things like poles and mats are sure to get less-than-clean, to put it mildly. Remember that the responsibility for cleaning up after you lies squarely on your own shoulders. Never leave equipment in a state where others are unsure about using it.
  • Remember to share where appropriate. If you are in a larger pole class and are required to share a pole, make sure to never take too much time. Your partner paid for their fair share and deserves as much time on the pole as you. Make sure to take turns. Also, give those around you plenty of space in which to practice their routines and moves.
  • Keep your outside shoes outside. Pole dancing shoes are available in the studio for a reason. Make sure to never wear the shoes you would where elsewhere into the dance studio and never wear them to class.