Emma Ridley’s Goddess Fitness Dance

A holistic, feminine approach to fitness

Goddess fitness dance is a creation of feminine ancient philosophy and primal to modern dance techniques to invigorate women of all shapes and sizes for a total mind body workout/work-in to rejuvenate your soul with this sometimes slow but very affective dance fitness form which is a meditation in motion!Healing bodies, minds- healing hearts cleansing veins and purify women everywhere and returning to love!

Love of ourselves, love of each other and most of all love of life and the world!

Because giving ourselves permission to shine gives others permission to shine – Let’s make a world full of shiny people.

Goddess is a celebration where we celebrate ourselves, others, and life everyday!

By putting on our goddess shows, we invite everyone to come join in and watch us celebrate

Goddess fitness dance is living in abunDANCE!

Goddess dance changes the way women think about fitness It’s fitness from the inside out and it’s slow and invigorating not exhausting and tiring it’s beauty and grace and elegance Through primal sensual movement!


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