As with starting any endeavor that is worth any effort, pole dancing classes should be approached with the intention of learning and growing. Though we do have those students that show up just to have a good time, which is fine for what it is, the majority of our students actually expect to gain something from each of the classes they attend. Focusing on the day’s lesson and applying what you’ve learned is an obvious step in getting better and better at pole dancing. However, we often find that a number of students, even those with the best intentions, sabotage their own personal success by committing the same mistakes again and again. Get the most out of your pole dancing class by avoiding these common mistakes of the beginning pole dance student:

  • Not expecting to work. Pole dancing is fun. A lot of fun. But it is also a lot of work. Be prepared for the strenuous activity from day one and y0u’ll be much more likely to enjoy yourself. Dress comfortably but appropriately for the moves and drink lots of water before, during and after to avoid dehydration.
  • Focusing on the wrong things. There’s not a pole dancer out there that was able to do these moves the first time she attempted them. Let’s face it, it doesn’t come naturally because it’s not a natural thing to do. Don’t focus on the moves that you are not yet able to perform. Focus instead on what you can do with the intention of getting better at the others.
  • Performing without feeling. Dance is, first and foremost, a form of physical and emotional expression. By only looking to master a move, you miss the nuances and fluidity of dance and how the music works within and around your body as you move.

For students who are just looking to have fun and for those that approach pole dancing class with more serious goals in mind, Goddess Dance can help you with the best instruction and teachers in the biz.