When first starting the process to find the right dance studio, it can be enough of a task to leave one feeling like they have two left feet. Just performing a Google search for “dance studio in Sherman Oaks” produces more than 560,000 results. Now, it’s not likely that every listing is for an actual dance studio, but starting your search there is enough to make one want to sit the next one out. Avoid tripping over yourself to find the right dance studio by following these simple steps:

  • Start by getting recommendations from friends or family. References from coworkers or other acquaintances can help narrow the field down to those that are convenient and offer the dance classes you are interested in.
  • Set up phone interviews with three to five of those that make the most sense. Make sure to find out what styles of dance are taught and the methods used. What age groups do they offer instruction for? What is the teacher to student ratio? How much is the monthly fee? Are there any extra fees that aren’t included that you should be aware of?
  • Set up a studio tour. Visit the facility to see how it is run; what the culture and the atmosphere is and how convenient the location is to your home or work.
  • Interview the instructors. Make sure to their qualifications and teaching philosophies will be a match for your child’s skill level and personality.
  • Do your research. Check online review sites, ask for references and check their status with any business organizations.

At  Goddess Fitness Dance we offer dance classes in Sherman Oaks to anyone regardless of experience. We invite you to take that first step in finding out more about our dance studio by calling us at 818-237-1459.