We see them practically on a weekly basis. Those girls (and a few boys) that are completely surprised by the sheer amount of physical work pole dancing class requires. Sure, it’s a load of fun. Sure, it’s great for feeling sexy and gettin’ your groove on, but understand this: Pole dancing class is a workout that is to be taken seriously. Have all the fun you want, but make sure your body is prepared. Though it doesn’t happen often, we have experienced a few girls that underestimated both the extent of physical exertion needed and their own physical limits and have left the class injured. Please follow these simple guidelines before attending your first class at our dance studio in Sherman Oaks and reduce your chance of physical injury:

  • Check with your doctor first. If you are overweight, over 40, have a medical condition or have suffered from sports injuries in the past, make sure that your doctor clears you to enroll in dance classes.
  • Know your limits. We’re in no hurry here. Don’t try to attempt moves or techniques that you are uncomfortable with or are not in shape for. If your body stops your progress, listen and save the move for another time.
  • Warm up. Get to class early enough to properly stretch and prepare for your lessons. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Hydrate. Before, during and after dance class. Water keeps us limber and increases endurance, make sure that you get in plenty to experience the best results during any workout.
  • Wear the proper clothing and shoes.
  • Concentrate on the positions and postures. Performing moves incorrectly can result in sprains and strains. Pay attention to both your instructor and your body and attempt to keep body parts in line.
  • Rest when needed. Any dance instructor that is worth their title understands that sometimes you can’t go any further. Make sure to rest between dance sessions in order to avoid over-doing it.