Here at Goddess, we’ve come to live the way we dance. No, we aren’t constantly dancing through life (we wish we could). What we mean is that through dance, we’ve learned to be able to trust and let go in other aspects of our lives, too. To push aside fear and let our soul be free of fear and judgement. Through dance workouts, we can live in gratitude. Our dance workouts and totally changed our lives and the lives of our dancers who come back time and time again to learn from us. We love helping other discover and know themselves better through dance and we know we can help you, too.

Dance can change your life because you’ll feel differently when you dance. At first, you may have to force yourself to come back to a second class. You may feel embarrassed to move or embarrassed to trust your own body’s way of expression. It may take some time to soften your expression and learn to trust, but it will come and you will love this sense of freedom. We help you push aside this embarrassment. After all, we’ve all either went through those feelings or are currently going through them now. We push you to stop caring about what others think and let your soul be free. Don’t let this judgement that we perceive stop your soul from experiencing the pure joy of movement, expression, and the gratitude for being alive.

Dancing helps you find self-acceptance. Soon you’ll stop worrying about how others see you. In fact, others will probably be envious that you’ve found your new freedom and outlet. In fact, it’s a blessing!