Losing weight can be a hard process to endure as you wade through the many diet plans out there that promise to help you lose weight without changing your daily routine.  Or you may have some friends that constantly tell you about this new exercise plan that can get your body back to what it used to be before you had kids. Well stop right there! Who has the time or the energy to do the same boring old exercise regimen that really doesn’t give you the weight loss results you are wanting.  Try a fitness program that has not only proven to give you the slimmed down body you are desiring, but also a one that revitalizes your youth with physical and emotional therapy interwoven into one.  Pole dancing class in Sherman Oaks at Goddess Fitness Dance is a fitness program that will leave you feeling self-confident with yourself and give you an energizing workout towards the contoured body you want!

We celebrate life every day at Goddess by teaching each woman that comes to our fitness studio how to unleash their inner sensuality and using that with a fitness routine that keeps you coming back for more.  If dancing and fitness are something that you would like to mix together, then our fitness studio has exactly what you have been looking for.  From pole dancing class to ballet, we have it all.

Still think that pole dancing may not be for you? Come check out our studio today and sign up for our $29 intro price for unlimited classes for a full seven days.  Call us today at 818-237-1459!