Though pole dancing classes are one of the fastest-growing and requested fitness class offerings in gyms and dance studios across the country, many people are woefully lacking in knowing just what to expect when scheduling and attending their first class. Where there are just a few etiquette rules that you should know in order to keep you from making social faux pas, what you should know before coming to class goes beyond your basic manners. Prepare yourself for class by following these guidelines, allowing you to enjoy the experience without worry.

  • Know what you want. Before you sign up for dance fitness classes, understand that not all studios are the same; nor do they teach the same. Where some instructors focus on sexy dancing moves, others focus more on techniques meant to accelerate fitness. Know what you want to avoid disappointment.
  • Remember: you’re not here to compete. Classes are a place for everyone to learn without judgement. Never, ever laugh while a girl is awkwardly attempting to perform a new move. It places focus on the wrong areas and leaves the entire class feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Give kudos and praise when appropriate and that support will be there for you too.
  • Don’t wear lotion. Where you may believe that lotion and/or oils can help you move around the pole easier, the opposite is actually more true. The addition of lotions and oils to a pole, built to be slick already can cause you and others to slip and fall. Do not lotion up before class, ever.
  • Have fun. Really, that’s our first priority at Goddess Fitness in Sherman Oaks. We want every participant in our fitness and dance classes to bring their best attitude and have the time of their lives. Let go of your inhibitions and your insecurities and enjoy!