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  1. Top Reasons to Choose Pole Fitness

    Why Choose Pole Fitness? Starting a workout regiment is hard. From planning the proper workout every day, to making sure that you’re eating the right foods, it can be very demanding. While we agree …Read More

  2. How to Find the Right Dance Studio for You

    When first starting the process to find the right dance studio, it can be enough of a task to leave one feeling like they have two left feet. Just performing a Google search for “dance studio in She…Read More

  3. How to Avoid Injury During Dance Class

    We see them practically on a weekly basis. Those girls (and a few boys) that are completely surprised by the sheer amount of physical work pole dancing class requires. Sure, it's a load of fun. Sure, …Read More

  4. First Pole Dancing Class Musts

    Though pole dancing classes are one of the fastest-growing and requested fitness class offerings in gyms and dance studios across the country, many people are woefully lacking in knowing just what to …Read More

  5. Pole Dance Class Etiquette

    Have you noticed that common courtesy, much like common sense, is becoming less and less all that common? Lately it seems that people have become oblivious to the effects their behavior has on others …Read More

  6. How Breathing Right Makes Your Dance Workout Better

    Take a deep breath and listen closely as we tell you this: you’re doing it wrong. Breathing, like your heart beat is something your body does automatically; all day, every day. But unlike your heart…Read More

  7. Benefits Of Dance

    The benefits of exercise are numerous.  We all know it’s good for your heart but it is also good for the soul. Imagine getting exercise and enjoying every last minute of it.  You can dance your wa…Read More

  8. The Feel Good Qualities of Dance

    It's hard to deny the physical benefits of dance when the evidence is so glaring. Look at any dancer's body and its easy to see that there exists many physical advantages to getting your dance on. But…Read More

  9. 3 Health Benefits You’ll Get from Pole Fitness

    There are a lot of negative connotations associated with pole fitness, but once people take their first class they see there is much more to it than they first believed. Pole fitness offers a myriad o…Read More

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