Here at Goddess, we absolutely love belly dancing. Our belly dancing classes offer a fun, expressive fitness that not only makes you feel great physically but also mentally. We believe that everyone needs movement in their life as a form of physical and emotional therapy. When we move in belly dancing, we move all our pain and discomfort and emotional baggage away, too. We’re able to free ourselves by giving our bodies and minds permission to be expressed through our body movement. This not only provides self discovery, but self healing and self love. You are so¬†worth loving!

Many people are quite surprised to learn that belly dancing involves much more than just moving your belly! In fact, belly dancing moves and benefits several parts of your body. Belly dancing allows you to exercise the carrying muscles without impact. This provides a great lower body workout in your¬†quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes with minimal impact to your knees and ankles. Not only does your lower body get a great workout, but so does your back, too! Belly dancing builds the back muscles evenly because you’re using your entire torso during the dances. The belly dancing movements, coupled with shoulder movements, exercise your back muscles evenly helping you to prevent future back injuries while also promoting good posture.

During our belly dancing classes, you also get a great exercise for your arms, too. In fact, our new belly dancing students are always so surprised by how much they have to use their arm muscles. Because you have to hold your arms up for long periods of time, you’ll start to feel the burn and workout pretty quickly!

Ready to get started? Your first intro class is free if you text the word GODDESS to 95577!