There are a lot of negative connotations associated with pole fitness, but once people take their first class they see there is much more to it than they first believed. Pole fitness offers a myriad of health benefits to our students, both mental and physical. Here are three of the biggest benefits you can expect when you attend a pole fitness class:

  • Weight loss. Pole fitness is a cardio workout that will have you sweating away pounds, but you’ll be having so much fun in class you’ll hardly notice all the hard work. Combined with eating healthy, pole fitness can be a fun way to finally lose the weight you’ve been battling. One class is about the equivalent of time at the gym (but way more fun).
  • Toned muscles. Pole fitness will have you using muscles you didn’t even knew you had, stretching and toning them as you support your weight on the pole. It’s a great core workout, too, and combines strength, flexibility, and endurance training into one fun session.
  • Build your confidence. People who take our pole fitness classes usually end up feel sexier and more confident than they ever have before. As you tone and strengthen your body, you’ll feel more comfortable with yourself and build your¬†confidence. And there is nothing sexier than confidence!

Want to experience these benefits for yourself? Call, text, or use the online form on our website to contact us today. We’ll hook you up with a free introductory class for pole fitness. You’ll be able to try this fun, motivating workout for yourself with our friendly staff!